My Reading Habit in 2015

A bit over a year ago, I decided to try starting to read more.
This just started as a basic attempt to read one book (engineering a safer world which happened to be very interesting but I got bored around the middle).

This however ended up being the beginning of a good habit which I followed all year long and have no intent of stopping.

When do I read?

I originally started reading the technical book I had all the time. While walking to the local coworking place, at week-ends, in the evening, etc.
Quickly enough though, I realized this wasn’t a good idea as I would be quickly fed up.

Today, I always have two open books. A technical and a fictional one.
I read the technical one in the morning, and the fictional one during week-ends at the evenings.

Specifically, I usually start working around 9am, though my girlfriend leaves a bit before 8am, giving me an hour.
I spend around half of that time practicing the clarinet and the other half reading.

I read the fictional book most evenings before going to sleep, as well as sometimes during the week-ends.

I have a Kobo Aura, which I use only for technical books. All fictional books I read are paper.

The technical books I read this year

Here are the technical books I read this year. I won’t share notes on them, as I still need to get into the habit of taking notes (maybe in 2016).

And the one I am reading currently, Thinking, Fast and Slow.

The fictional books I read this year

Here are the fictional books I read this year (while my technical books are stored in a trello board, I’m not doing the same for the fictional ones, so I may be missing some).
I also translated those books to English. I am reading them in French though.

And I am currently reading La part de l’autre (doesn’t exist in english either).