What you thought of Ruby Lugdnum

As you might already know, last week-end was Ruby Lugdunum, the first European Ruby conference happening in France. And it did rock !

In this article, I won’t tell you what I personally thought of the conference. Being part of the staff team, I was a bit under the water there and I have a completely different view of what the lambda user might have had.
However, we did a survey at the end of the day, in which all attendees gave their opinion.

I’ll take some points said (not all of them) in this survey, not to criticize them, neither to tell you to fuck off.
But rather to explain some of the choices we made.

The place, access

the T1 tramway line on maintenance after “charpenne” station

Lyon public transports are also bad, so you may consider hosting the conference somewhere accessible through metro (for instance Gerland)

distance from city centre (without transport connections).

Les travaux sur le tramway :) !

Public transports in Lyon are, unfortunately, very bad.
We also discovered the T1 maintenance very late (2 or 3 weeks before the conference). It was too late to change the place.

Moreover, having an other place, closer to the center (we thought, for example, of SUPINFO, which is located near Part Dieu) made the meals “pic-nic” (very appreciated) much easier to organise.

Being on the INSA, which is a bit outside of the city, allowed us to give the conference a bit of impression of campaign, in order to avoid feeling being between 4 buildings.

The saturday evening party

nice party

La première partie de la soirée

Clearly, this first part of the evening, when we all sat down before the heroku drinkup was a problem.
Being the one in charge for this, I’m even more disappointed.

What you should know is that french people never to and stay up in bars. We always sit down.
Which is a thing I didn’t think about. Mistakes are here to be learned from and fixed though. Next year will really rock !

Moreover, you might have guessed it. But it’s very hard to find a place which accepts reservations for 80 persons a saturday evening in june right in the middle of sales !

Pauses between talks

Nice schedule allowing long pause to discuss with others

A lot of good dialogues during breaks

We had time to speak with people.

Too long breaks between confs

This made you talk a lot, both in good and bad.
We voluntarily put very long pauses (15 minutes) between each talk.

We think being focused on a talk during 45 minutes with only a few minutes break is far too long.
We’re not at school anymore and it’s useless to overload our brains with too much information all in once.

Those 15 minutes break allows people to speak, which is what we are looking for.
We think what matter in a conference is not only the great talks you can see, but also the great discussions, sharing and networking you can have with other attendees.

Therefore I think we will keep those 15 minutes break next year.


Too few French speakers

French speakers (en tant que point négatif)

Very few speakers from France

Inviter plus de speakers français

Our vision of Ruby Lugdunum is quite clear : we want to show other European countries that there are rubyists in France.
For that, we wish to invite them in Lyon to have a great conference where they can drink wine, eat cheese and enjoy our beautiful country.
Having non french-speaking speakers was a choice we make, which we do not regret and will do again.

The presence of Ruby Lugdunum, which is oriented around Europe should not prevent other conferences or barcamps to be organized in other cities. We need to evangelize those poor PHP and Java developers whom haven’t yet seen the Truth with ruby.


Very few food & drinks outside of main dishes

Agreed ! We were several organizers to be near fainting at the end of the day because of the lack of food (and drinks) during breaks.
This is something which should change next year.

Annoncer le programme et les horaires plus en avance pour planifier le voyage pour ceux qui ne sont pas sur place

This year was our first iteration. We told you about the program, the place and everything as soon as we knew them.
After this edition, which prepared in a rush, we have some experience which will allow us to do it much better next year in order to inform you sooner.


Why an egg timer in the sponsors bag? (with no sponsor attached) This is waste of money, resources, and energy.

I could say it was on purpose. But that’s not really the case.
We have tee shirts planned. However when they were about to go to printing, their design didn’t convince any of us.
Therefore, we decided to cancel them instead of having something awful that nobody would wear.

Instead of those tee shirts, we bought timers, which are much more useful.
Even though we didn’t get the time to explain what they are for, it’s in fact quite simple : do some pomodoros with them !

Foux Da Fa Fa

In conclusion, this edition was very good.
And even though we haven’t really talked about that yet (we have an organizers retrospective the 4th of july), seeing the discussions we currently have on Skype, I think I can safely say there will be an other edition next year ! :-)

See you next year then. Or maybe before that in an other Ruby event :-)